Questions & Answers

Are these Authentic? 

Yes.  All of our Yeezys are Sold directly from one of three Adidas manufacturers  in China based on stock availability.


How are they so affordable?

Because we work directly with the Adidas manufacturers, we buy at just 25% markup from manufacturers price, and because of that we are able to cut out the price build-up from the manufacturer, to retail, to reseller price. In other words it's cheaper because; usually there would be a massive shipment to the United States and other countries which would infer tariffs and the markup from retail stores, not just Adidas stores but other stores as well.

Why would Adidas allow this?

Throughout the years of selling online, we were able to network with managers in the manufacturing sector, which eventually led us to form good relationships with a few upper level Adidas manufacturing managers. Even though our relationship is good, they are very strict when allowing us to sell some of their overstocked, dead stocked, and new releases. So here at 3stripe Warehouse, products are limited and are in contingent to what the managers allow us to sell. 

Do I get the Yeezys in a box?

Yes. All products sold on Adidas Warehouse are never worn or allowed new releases. Sometimes items may not come with tags as the adidas yeezy suppliers we work with aren't obligated to follow the same rules as they do to supplying retailers.

How fast is shipping?

Shipping to the United States, the U.K,  and Canada usually takes within 4-9 days, and sometimes sooner if they are no deliveries hiccups like holidays and weather delays. (Due to Covid-19, shipping times are being slowed with an average of 5 additional days)

If you're located In any other region, please be aware that your order could take between 11-13days.